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A pair of lips being adorned with Blissful8's luscious lip gloss, adding a glossy sheen and enhancing their natural beauty

kiss with bliss Collection

A woman splashes water onto her clean face, embodying the refreshing feeling after using Blissful8's gentle facial cleanser,

touch my face Collection

A woman immersed in a bathtub filled with rose petals, peacefully reading a book, embodying relaxation of blissful8's product

bliss me more Collection

 A team of experts carefully formulates products, surrounded by bottles of natural ingredients

You're Our Top Priority

At the heart of our business is a deep devotion to you, our esteemed customer. With unwavering dedication, we meticulously examine and hand-select each product, bearing your unique needs and preferences in mind. To us, you're not just another customer - you're our top priority. We believe fervently in an eco-friendly, sustainable future, and therefore, we ensure every product in our range embodies these qualities. From the fresh appeal to incredible sustainability, our products are a testament to our commitment to you and the environment.

Eco-Friendly Products

We passionately champion eco-friendly products because we acknowledge their profound importance in safeguarding our fragile environment. It is a core belief we hold dear, as we understand that sustaining our planet is essential to ensuring the prosperity of our future generations. We deeply value you - our cherished customer, and that's why we commit ourselves to serving both your needs and those of the world that we all share.

A majestic tree stands tall, symbolizing the sustainable ethos of Blissful8's products, rooted in environmental consciousness
white leaf for decoration
 Blissful8 team members celebrate with high fives, showcasing camaraderie and achievement as they complete their tasks.

Quality above Quantity

We prioritize quality above quantity. While we possess the capability of producing a thousand products in a single day, we acknowledge that such rapid production might overlook minute details. Instead, we prefer dedicating our time and focus to meticulously craft a product that embodies evolutionary quality – a testament to our commitment to excellence.


"I'm absolutely thrilled and downright humbled to have you here at my online store!  Your visit means the world to me, and I'm doing a happy dance knowing you're checking out our goodies. Your fabulous self is the driving force behind everything I do, and I promise to keep working hard to bring you top-notch, sustainable products that'll make you smile. Wishing all you beauties out there an absolutely fantastic day filled with biss and all things lovely!"  always... kawai h. - owner,  Kaua'i Hawaii

blissful8 logo in green white and off white

Let's Get Acquainted... Shall we?

In the heart of an island, nestled in a tropical oasis, lies a sanctuary for conscientious beauty seekers: blissful8. Born from a passion for sustainability and a commitment to cruelty-free living, our brand stands as a beacon of ethical excellence in the world of skincare. With a dedication to crafting eco-friendly, vegan formulas free from parabens and harsh chemicals, we invite you to experience the transformative power of pure bliss.


At bliSSful8, our specialty lies in lip stains that not only enhance your natural beauty but also reflects our unwavering values. From the vibrant hues of sun-kissed berries to the subtle elegance of earthy neutrals, each shade tells a story of mindful creation and eco-conscious luxury. Our lip stains are more than just makeup; they're a symbol of our dedication to beauty that doesn't harm the planet or its inhabitants.


Every product in our collection is meticulously curated to deliver unparalleled performance without compromising on ethics. From the sustainably sourced ingredients to the biodegradable packaging, we strive to leave the lightest possible footprint on the Earth. Every time our products touches your skin, you will feel an instant pulse that radiates through you. With each swipe of our lip stains, you're not just adorning your lips; you're making a statement – one that celebrates compassion, sustainability, and the timeless allure of conscious beauty.


Join us on this journey towards a greener, more beautiful world. Let blissful8 be your guide as you embrace a lifestyle that harmonizes with nature and celebrates the beauty of basking in one’s charisma and brilliance.

"I stumbled on this online store by accident. I am glad that I did! I ended up buying some eye cream and fell in love with it instantly. It made me look radiant. I would definitely recommend this store to anyone and everyone. Your body will thank you for it."
Natalie V- club owner, NV
"bliSSful8 is a delightful trendy store. Their products are made with the earth in mind. Their products are lightweight on the skin so it doesn't make you feel like you have layers of face products on. Their packaging was very cute also. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone and also their customer service was very helpful and an absolute joy to work with."
Samantha P.- lawyer, CA
"I had an amazing shopping experience with this brand. I was hesitant at first as I didn't really hear about this brand before. But I went with my gut feeling after reading their back story and how their products are made, i decided to give them a try. I was very pleased with my products. I love my lip stain. It doesn't feel gooey and heavy like other lip stains. I would order again from this company."
Vicki L- Realtor, ID
"This is a really cute site. All of their products are super trendy and chic. I love the fact that the products I got were vegan because that's the kind of person I am. The quality also is amazing and feels really good on my skin."
Sheri M.- gym instructor, OR
"I am a happy customer. My products came in on time and everything was up  to par with how I expected them to be. Everything feels so silky on your face so smooth and smells great also. I am in love with my body wash. It caresses your skin like conditioner and feels absolutely amazing."
Amanda F.- VP of Sales, NC


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